Utility Services

The City operates the water distribution and wastewater (sanitary sewer) collection systems within University Park. The City purchases treated water from the Dallas County/Park Cities Municipal Utilities District (MUD), and it contracts with the City of Dallas Water Utilities for wastewater treatment.

Account holders receive a monthly bill from the City for

Other services may also be on the bill, such as direct alarm monitoring or alarm registration.

City utility technicians read every water meter in University Park monthly using hand-held computers. Read data is keyed into the hand-held units and then uploaded into the City's billing system. Bills are produced monthly in two cycles (the 1st and 15th of the month) contact the Utility Billing Office at 214-987-5322.

Residents may review their consumption and billing history online by enrolling in the City's eUtilities program. Residents can also contact the City's Utility Billing Office at the numbers listed above from Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm


WaterSmart a vertexone brand

University Park has partnered with WaterSmart to provide an online Customer Water Use Portal helping residents monitor water consumption while at home or away, avoid costly leaks, and contribute to the City's water-saving goals.

Register on the WaterSmart website.

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