Utility Rates

Water, sewer, and sanitation operations in University Park are funded by user fees, which are included each month on a resident's utility bill. The fees are expressed as either a fixed rate per month, a fixed rate per unit of consumption, or a combination of each.

Water Rates

The minimum monthly rates for all metered water service is as follows:

Meter SizeRate / Month
Five-eighths of an inch or three-fourths of an inch$6
1 inch$11.67
1.5 inches$21.80
2 inches$33.63
3 inches$61.31
4 inches$100.88
6 inches$199.75
8 inches$318.34
10 inches$571.46
  • Consumption charge: The City charges $5.48 per 1,000 gallons consumed.
  • Conservation surcharge: An additional $2.04 per 1,000 gallons is assessed for all consumption over 30,000 gallons/month.
  • Drought premium: In the event that a Stage 3 declaration of the City's drought contingency plan is made, the City Council shall have the option of enacting a special drought premium rate for consumption exceeding 30,000 gallons per month. The rate shall represent a 50% increase from the existing conservation surcharge rate.

Sewer Rates

  • Minimum monthly rate: Each water customer is charged a flat monthly amount of $11.
  • Consumption charge: The second piece of a sewer bill is based on a household's average water consumption during the winter months. This three-month average is multiplied times a rate of $5.27 per 1,000 gallons.

Sanitation Rates

For information on sanitation rates, visit the Residential Collection page.