Civic Foundation

The University Park Civic Foundation, Inc. (UPCF), is a non-profit 501c(3) corporation established in 1987. The Foundation's purpose is to provide funding for charitable, scientific, literary, and educational activities in University Park, Texas. The Foundation is tax-exempt, and donations to the Foundation may be deducted from federal income taxes.

A three-member Board of Directors governs the UPCF. Traditionally, the three members are composed of the three most senior City Council members. The City Finance Director serves as staff person to the UPCF Board. While the Foundation is a separate legal entity from the City, its Board makeup ensures that City and Foundation activities are coordinated. Foundation finances are examined each year during the City of University Park annual audit.


Since 1997, the Foundation has collected over $700,000 in donations for projects such as:

  • Establishment of a University Park library
  • Construction of Elena's Children's Memorial Park
  • Installation of Kerwin Memorial statue in Caruth Park
  • Replacement of playground equipment in City parks, including the barrier-free playground in Coffee Park
  • Establishment of a City employee children's college scholarship fund

In 2000 the Foundation transferred all library proceeds to a new foundation established by the Friends of the Library for the Park Cities. Donations are still being accepted by the UPCF for the Elena's Children's Memorial Park project and the playground equipment project.

How to Donate

The Foundation accepts donations by cash, check, and credit card. Donations may be sent to:
University Park Civic Foundation, Inc.
3800 University Boulevard
University Park, TX 75205

All donors receive a written acknowledgement that may be retained for tax purposes.

For More Information

Contact the Finance Director at:
City of University Park
3800 University Boulevard
University Park, TX 75205

Phone: 214-987-5326