Park Reservations

The parks are available for events such as birthday parties and picnics. Park reservations require a security deposit and a land use fee. For events with over 200 guests, a formal request must be submitted in writing and approved by the City Council.

All park and field reservations are required to be made at least (14) days in advance. For questions or reservations, please call the Parks and Recreation Department office at 214-987-5488.

If you would like to reserve a park, please log in to CivicRec.

View the Park Rules and Guidelines (PDF).

  • Reservation Rates: Park Events (excludes Goar Park)
  • Security Deposit (Refundable): $250

Land Use Fee - Based on Number Guests (Non-Refundable)

Number of GuestsFee
1 to 50 Guests (2 hour max)$50
51 to 99 Guests (2 hour max)$100
100 to 199 Guests (2 hour max)$200
200 to 299 Guests (4 hour max)$500

Goar Park Reservations

Security Deposit (Refundable): $250

Land Use Fees - Based on Number of Guests (Non-Refundable)

Number of GuestsFee
1 to 50 Guests$100
51 to 99 Guests$200
100 to 199 Guests$300
200 to 299 Guests$400
300 Plus Guests $500

Hourly Rental of the Gazebo

Hourly Rental of the Gazebo (Non-Refundable)Fee Per Hour
University Park Resident$30 Per Hour
Non-University Park Resident$60 Per Hour