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Hitzelberger Park

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Hitzelberger Park was dedicated in honor of Barbara Hitzelberger-Wooten in 2010. The park is located on the northwest and northeast corners of the intersection of Lovers and Hillcrest. The park has two prominent features, a six-foot high water wall on the park's northwest corner, and a sculpture on the park's northeast corner. The sculpture is called "Parental Embrace." A gift to the community, Hitzelberger-Wooten commissioned noted Dallas stone-carver Harold F. Clayton to create the piece. It depicts one of the community's core values - the bond between parents and their children.

Hitzelberger-Wooten served on several City committees including the City Planning Commission. She holds the distinction of being the first woman elected to the University Park City Council and the only woman to be elected Mayor. She served as Mayor from 1992 to 1994. A constant supporter of the city's park system, in addition to being involved with various park beautification projects, she worked to establish a separate Parks Department.