Help Control Mosquitoes in Your Neighborhood

Mosquito control is a joint effort with both the homeowner and the City's Parks Department. To help control mosquitoes in your neighborhood take the following steps:

Eliminate Any Stagnant or Standing Water:

This can be found in birdbaths, non-circulating fish or lily ponds, plant saucers, low areas in your lawn, and around outdoor water faucets, etc.

Be Mindful of the Amount of Water Placed on Your Lawn:

  • Allow the top of the soil to dry out before watering again. Reprogram your irrigation controller based on the temperature and rainfall.
  • Cover exposed soil with cedar or cypress mulch if possible.
  • Clean out decomposed leaf matter from your storm gutters.
  • Keep any unnecessary plant growth cut back.

If you notice yards or other landscaped areas with an abundance of mosquitoes, or spot-standing water call the Parks and Recreation Department at 214-987-5488.