Snider Plaza Improvements

Mock-up - Small Page Header PhotoHaving completed the replacement of water and sanitary sewer utilities in and around the plaza, the City is moving forward with construction documents for a second stage of improvements. The streetscape project includes new pavement, stormwater utilities, landscaping, pedestrian amenities, and parking enhancements.

To assist with final consideration of design elements, the City has constructed a streetscape mock-up to showcase all of the components. It's located on city property along Rankin, just west of Snider Plaza (see aerial photo). Final design and bidding for this upcoming work will be a major point of emphasis for the City this year. Before construction can begin, the City still needs to address rights-of-way issues and overall parking management with Snider Plaza property owners.


Paver Details

Snider Plaza - Updated Paver Colors

Section A - Proposed Sidewalk Area

Snider Plaza - Updated Paver Pattern for Sidewalk Areas
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Section B - Proposed Roadway with Crosswalk

Snider Plaza - Update Paver Pattern for Crosswalk Areas
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