Snider Plaza Improvements

Having completed the replacement of water and sanitary sewer utilities in and around the plaza, the City is moving forward with construction documents for a second stage of improvements. The streetscape project Concept Plan includes new pavement, stormwater utilities, parking enhancements, pedestrian amenities and landscaping.

To assist with final consideration of design elements, in late 2022 the City constructed a streetscape mock-up to showcase all of the components (see graphics below). It's located on city property along Rankin, just west of Snider Plaza. 

Last spring, following additional input from Council regarding design elements, the City initiated a request for the zoning approval necessary to complete the project. In July, City Council took the following actions:

  • Approval of a concept plan for the street zone and sidewalk zone within the public domain of Snider Plaza with modifications including removal of the Rosedale Green and Snider Common to provide additional parking. 
  • Approval of expansion of PD-1R boundaries to incorporate additional parking on the city-owned lot at Rankin and Hursey. 
  • Approval of waiver of a requirement for a detailed site plan. 

Here are project-related public meetings held this year (2023).

February 7

City Council Meeting 

City Engineer Katie Barron provided a design update based on feedback received from the mock-up.

Meeting Video
April 11

Planning  & Zoning Commission Meeting

P&Z received a presentation from staff regarding the City’s zoning request and opened a public hearing.

Meeting Video
May 9

Planning  & Zoning Commission Meeting

P&Z voted to recommend approval of the City’s request to expand the boundary of PD-1R to include the Rankin lot.

Meeting Video
May 30

Planning  & Zoning Commission Special Meeting

P&Z voted to recommend approval of the concept plan with modifications and approval of a waiver for a detailed site plan.

Meeting Video
June 6

City Council Meeting

City Council conducted a public hearing and voted to approve the concept plan with modifications.

Meeting Video
July 18

City Council Meeting

City Council approved a revised concept plan with the adopted changes incorporated.

Meeting Video
July 20

City Council Work Session

City Council held a special meeting to discuss the Hillcrest/Daniel intersection.

Meeting Video
August 15

City Council Meeting

City Council approved construction limits scope of work. 

Ahead of this meeting, Mayor Tommy Stewart authored a letter to the community regarding these improvements.

Meeting Video


Paver Details

Snider Plaza - Updated Paver Colors

Section A - Proposed Sidewalk Area

Snider Plaza - Updated Paver Pattern for Sidewalk Areas
Section A - View in Mockup Button

Section B - Proposed Roadway with Crosswalk

Snider Plaza - Update Paver Pattern for Crosswalk Areas
Section B - View in Mockup Button