How was this fee amount determined?

The stormwater utility fee is based on an approximate amount of impermeable surface for properties of the same zoning classification. For residential parcels, separate rates were developed for each zoning classification. An average residential unit (in this case, Single Family 4 zoning) was used as the basis for the fees. The proposed rate was divided by the average impervious area of the parcels in this class to determine the rate per square foot of impervious area. The resulting cost per square foot was used to set the other rate classes. Residential rates are based upon specific classes of residential land use, and each class is billed its own flat rate. Nonresidential customers are billed based on the maximum allowable impermeable area for that property under local development regulations.

The proposed residential rate structure is as follows. Duplex and multi-family properties will be billed on a per-unit basis.

Residential Monthly Rate

Zoning ClassMonth Rate
Single Family 1$40.56
Single Family 2$12.86
Single Family 3$10.85
Single Family 4$10.06
Single Family Attached$8.04
Duplex District 1$8.13
Duplex District 2$5.92

Nonresidential (i.e., commercial) properties are assessed at $0.0022 per square foot of the maximum allowable impermeable area for their property.

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