Centennial Celebration

University Park City Hall in 1924On April 12, 2024 the City of University Park will celebrate 100 years of incorporation! To help coordinate the events and activities that will take place to celebrate this milestone, in March 2023, the City Council created two special committees. Each group is comprised of 10 residents.  

The Legacy Advisory Group is assisting City staff with establishing historical resources within the community, planning educational programs and exhibits and most importantly helping the City Council identify a legacy project that will serve to remind residents and visitors of all ages of this significant occasion for decades to come.  

Members: Chairperson, Gage Prichard, Taylor Armstrong, Marla Boone, Brad Bradley, Brad Cheves, Roy Coffee Jr., Gretchen Henry, Olin Lane, Alan Stewart and Joel Williams III.

The Planning and Action Group is assisting City staff in the establishment and execution of Centennial Celebration activities. The group is also tasked with determining various youth and family events, as well as community service opportunities that will take place in conjunction with the City’s Centennial. Both groups will assist the City Council in identifying sponsorship and philanthropic opportunities.    

Members:  Chairperson, Melissa Rieman, Roseanne Beck, Alex Bell, Dodge Carter, Bobby Clark Jr., Michael Denton, Linda Perryman Evans, Pauline Neuhoff, Elizabeth Speicher and Jerry Washam.

2024 Centennial Logo

In the coming weeks, we will detail efforts involving the creation of a special City of University Park Centennial logo. This logo will be displayed on all Centennial-related announcements and publications, on street banners, inside the special edition Centennial coffee table book and on all Centennial merchandise.

2024 Centennial Sponsorship Opportunities

Following guidance from our two special committees and the City Council, we will provide information about sponsorship and donation opportunities associated with 2024 Centennial activities, events and merchandising. Look for details about such opportunities in October.

How to keep up-to-date on Centennial Events and Activities

As we enter the fall season, the City will begin to announce how residents of all ages can participate in our Centennial Celebration activities! While several of the activities will take place during the week of April 7 to April 13, all Centennial-related information will be relayed to the community using our website, our publications and our social media platforms.  

We will also be adding a button to the City’s website’s calendar section so that you can easily get a month-to-month rundown of all the Centennial Celebration events. Each calendar listing will provide you with dates, times and details. As plans come together or change, this calendar will continue to have all the latest information.

Launch of City of University Park Archive

At the direction of the City’s Centennial Legacy Advisory Group, City staff has developed an online archive so that you and all those who call University Park home can easily access content about University Park’s origin and view illustrations showing our community’s development through the decades.  

This collection includes, but is not limited to, materials displaying the City’s cultural life, the documentation of historically important events, the recognition of prominent residents, landmarks and architecture. City staff will continually maintain and store records and artifacts pertaining to this collection, and you and your neighbors can help the collection grow!

City of University Park Digital Archive

If you are interested in submitting content, please familiarize with the collection’s guidelines and restrictions beforehand.