Snider Plaza Improvements

Having completed the replacement of water and sanitary sewer utilities in and around the plaza, the City is moving forward with construction documents for a second stage of improvements. The streetscape project Concept Plan includes new pavement, stormwater utilities, landscaping, pedestrian amenities, and parking enhancements.

To assist with final consideration of design elements, in late 2022 the City constructed a streetscape mock-up to showcase all of the components. It's located on city property along Rankin, just west of Snider Plaza (see aerial photo). Final design and bidding for this upcoming work is now a major point of emphasis for the City. Before construction can begin, the City still needs to address rights-of-way issues and overall parking management with Snider Plaza property owners.

In February 2023, City Engineer Katie Barron provided Council with a design update, based on feedback received from the mock-up

View or download February Council presentation.

The Concept Plan was referred to the Planning & Zoning Commission for public hearing on April 11, 2023. The Commission discussed the proposed request at two subsequent meetings on May 9 and May 30, culminating in approval of a zoning district map amendment for a boundary expansion (Rankin lot), a concept plan for the Street Zones and Sidewalk Zones, and a wavier of a requirement for a detailed site plan for the proposed work in the public rights of way.  

May 30 P&Z Meeting Video

The City Council will conduct a public hearing to gain additional comments on the Concept Plan during their June 6 meeting. 


Paver Details

Snider Plaza - Updated Paver Colors

Section A - Proposed Sidewalk Area

Snider Plaza - Updated Paver Pattern for Sidewalk Areas
Section A - View in Mockup Button

Section B - Proposed Roadway with Crosswalk

Snider Plaza - Update Paver Pattern for Crosswalk Areas
Section B - View in Mockup Button