Trees for Town

Reforestation Program

This program provides for the reforestation of University Park by planting trees on the parkway (the grassy area between the sidewalk and the street curb) or allows the homeowner to purchase a smaller tree to plant on their property.

Parkway Trees

Trees may be purchased from the city for $150. This price includes the planting of the tree by the Parks and Recreation Department. All trees are 30-gallon, container-grown, approximately 2 inches in trunk diameter, and 8 to 10 feet tall. Available tree varieties include Cedar Elm, Chinquapin Oak, Live Oak, and Shumard Red Oak.

Private Property Trees

Residents may also purchase trees for $75 for home planting. Residents can purchase trees and the Parks and Recreation Department will drop the tree off at your home for you to plant on your private property. All trees are 10-gallon, container-grown, and are approximately 6 to 8 feet in height and 1 to 1 and one-half inch caliper. Available tree varieties include Bur Oak, Cedar Elm, Chinquapin Oak, Live Oak, and Shumard Red Oak.

Once planted, the care and maintenance of the trees become the responsibility of the homeowner. The primary planting season is between November 15 and February 15, however, the trees are container-grown and can be planted year-round. Although the trees are not guaranteed, they are handpicked by the City's Urban Forester, and the survival rate has been very good.


The Parks Department will begin accepting orders for the 2023 Trees for Town program in September.

If you have additional questions about our reforestation program, please contact the Parks and Recreation office at 214-987-5488.